Nolan Building & Consultancy Ltd. We offer Liquid roofing systems encapsulate the surface they are applied to, in refurbishment applications preserving whatever is underneath and protecting it from weathering. Life expectancy is up to 25 years depending on the chosen system (refer to BBA Certificate).

Other benefits include:

Adheres to all kinds of surfaces found in flat roofing including RBM, asphalt, concrete, metals, timber, common single ply membranes, and hard plastics.

Resistant to extreme temperatures found in the UK.

Completely seamless waterproofing.

No heat or special equipment required.

The installation of liquid roofing does not involve hot works. The coating material used in the liquid roofing process is applied cold, thus negating any fire risk. Bauder works hard to ensure all our products meet the latest criteria for various accreditations.